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    Help with vendor look-up

    I am trying to earn CEUs through the 3M Health Information vendor. I got an account on their site and am trying to find their webinar and virtual conferences. There are no links on AAPC and I absolutely cannot find thee things on the 3M website or through a Google search, no matter how hard I...
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    ENT Coding Education

    Anyone looking for reasonably priced ENT Coding Education, please note that I and my colleague Jennifer McNamara will be delivering a VIRTUAL course over two days mid-November offering 12 CEUs, covering just about just about everything an Otolaryngology coder would want addressed. We will be...
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    Healthcare Business Monthly Jan 2017

    Where is the issue for Jan., 2017? Does anyone know why it is not yet posted? Is it still being published? It is not only valuable for information, and keeping us updated on changes, but it is a nice source of a CEU each month, and practical knowledge. Thanks. Diane
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    What is an inexpensive way to get CPMA CEUs? I don't want to have to pay $50 for two CEUs.. Thanks for your input!! :D Alicia
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    Wiki CPMA CEU's in CEU tracker

    When I went to the CEU tracker to enter my latest CEU's it gave me the option of entering them on either my CPC or my CPMA, however, as far I as know, these CEU's were not CPMA approved. Since the tracker allowed me to choose to put them on my CPMA will they be accepted or is it up to me to...
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    2nd Annual NC State Coders Conference Coming in September

    All, :cool: As President of the local Durham, NC chapter of the AAPC, I wanted to get the word out about another opportunity to expand your coding knowledge, earn valuable CEU's and have more fun than a barrell full of monkeys. OK, well I've never actually seen a barrell full of monkeys at a...