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    Icd 10 to cpt cross walk

    What is the best tool to cross a codes CPT's by ICD 10? For example, If I would like to see what procedures can be performed for a condition such as (A63.0)? What is the best tool out there which everyone uses? I appreciate your help.
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    ICD 10 CM crosswalk/GEM ICD 10 WHO

    Looking for a crosswalk or GEM that would compare ICD 10CM codes used in the United States with ICD 10 codes used by the World Health Organization (WHO). I can't find a reference tool where these code sets are compared at a code level.
  3. S

    Revenue code crosswalk

    Does anyone here have access to Revenue Code crosswalk tools like Uniform Billing Editor or Revenue Cycle Pro? I need a help with 6 codes.
  4. Z

    Anes code for LAVH, 00840 or 00944

    if anyone has thoughts on which code is correct. the crosswalk lists both. thank you
  5. A

    Anesthesia Crosswalk for CPT 58970

    Our office provides anesthesia for fertility patients and provides anesthesia for patients undergoing egg retrievals. For many years we have used CPT 58970 which crosswalked only to ASA 00840 for 6 base units. This year, there are now 2 crosswalks, 00940 for 3 base units and 00840 as an...
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    2016 IR CPT Crosswalk

    By chance, has anyone created a crosswalk for the new Biliary and Urinary CPT codes that they would be willing to share? Thank you in advance!!!
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    CPT ICD crosswalk

    Does anyone know of a free CPT/ICD crosswalk on line? Thanks. Lin CPC
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    DSM to ICD crosswalks

    I've petitioned just about everyone I know on this issue. The APA came out with a crosswalk over three years ago; however, what I'm looking for is information that also goes above and beyond the crosswalk. In the past, I've had to dig out my DSM and point to specific cases of "unbundling" the...