DSM to ICD crosswalks


Louisville, KY
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I've petitioned just about everyone I know on this issue.

The APA came out with a crosswalk over three years ago; however, what I'm looking for is information that also goes above and beyond the crosswalk. In the past, I've had to dig out my DSM and point to specific cases of "unbundling" the diagnoses codes on mental health claims (meaning, associated signs and symptoms were being coded along with the disorder they were part of).

Because the APA crosswalk I found would be badly dated at this point, I'm hoping I can come across something a bit more substantial and current.

Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry I don't know of any, but was wondering if you came across anything since last you posted this question? I can't even find the crosswalk on AHIMA. Thank you!
As far as I can tell, there's the "old" one from a century (not literally) ago. I am almost certain someone has one published, but it probably costs more than it's worth just to get a copy. If, however, I run across any, I'll be sure to post here.
Hi Kevin,

I've come across a crosswalk from one of our new Drs that she had from her old facility...not sure how outdated it is though. If you would like a copy, send me your email address. :)