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    Wiki CPT 64447 Denying for unit or basis of measure

    Medicare is denying 64447 for unit of measure . I billed per unit with a 59 modifier . can someone tell me how I should bill this?
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    Wiki Need help coding this visit

    Have a patient who is 29 days old at time of service. Diagnosed with K21.9 GERD, R19.7 diarrhea unspecified, and L22 diaper dermatitis. Insurance is denying due to dx not matching child's age. Not sure which code they are denying. I think it may be the diarrhea which may need to changed to P78.3...
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    Wiki speech pathology

    how can I get 92630 paid with 92507. seem to be denying 92630 all time
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    Wiki Medicaid denials per announcement 976

    We are having a problem with Medicaid denying secondary claims per CMS announcement 976 stating that "history of ..." diagnosis codes are not acceptable as primary diagnosis codes. In these cases Medicare has paid the claim with a hx code but Medicaid is denying. I am not sure how to fix them -...
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    Wiki Family history - I am having problems with icd 10

    I am having problems with icd 10 code z80.0 denying stating not a valid code. Is anyone else having that problem? The patient is having a screening scope, so i used the z12.11 first then i used the z80.0 as father had colon cancer. The z80.0 is denying as invalid. Suggestions?