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Have a patient who is 29 days old at time of service. Diagnosed with K21.9 GERD, R19.7 diarrhea unspecified, and L22 diaper dermatitis. Insurance is denying due to dx not matching child's age. Not sure which code they are denying. I think it may be the diarrhea which may need to changed to P78.3 neonatal diarrhea but I really need some help on which dx you think they are denying or if I am correct. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!
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Maybe they are denying because of the GERD? I don't know for sure but that would be my guess.
If the Gerd had its origin prior to 29 days of age the you will need the perinatal code. So the question is if this is a new condition that occurred on day 29 or did the condition exist prior.