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    I need some advice, hoping someone can help me with this scenario. My billing company is using an outside company to code all the charges. On our additional testing for organisms causing diarrhea, we are looking for 1. Anti-gliadin, fecal ELISA 2. Anti-TTG, fecal by ELISA 3. Bile Acids, fecal...
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    Wiki Diarrhea Pathogen Panel

    Hello Fellow Coders: Independent Lab coding for a 25 target diarrhea pathogen panel PCR. What code should we be using? 87507 has restrictions like must have an immunocomprised code. I know we should be billing what is performed, but is there any other way we can code this without immuno dx...
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    Wiki Need help coding this visit

    Have a patient who is 29 days old at time of service. Diagnosed with K21.9 GERD, R19.7 diarrhea unspecified, and L22 diaper dermatitis. Insurance is denying due to dx not matching child's age. Not sure which code they are denying. I think it may be the diarrhea which may need to changed to P78.3...