1. B

    Nutritional Therapy

    Is it correct to bill cpt 97803 w/10 units according to documentation? Since it states each 15 minutes? thank you.
  2. C

    Cellulitis of areola in a male

    What would be the correct code for this? When I look it up it takes me to N61, inflammatory disorder of breast. Would this be correct for a male? Thanks
  3. K

    Wiki Cd30+ peripheral t-cell lymphoma

    Can anyone confirm that the correct code range for cd30+ peripheral t-cell lymphoma would be c84.40-c84.49? I know that c86.6 is the correct code for primary cutaneous cd30+ t-cell lymphoma as well as lymphomatoid papulosis. But i'm trying to find the correct code for cd30+ peripheral t-cell...
  4. T


    The patient underwent a "revision L5-S1 decompression/microdiskectomy". Diagnosis "Lumbar radiculopathy with scar tissue formation and intractable pain" From the op note "...recent MRI of the lumbar spine demonstrated significant scar tissue in & around the S1 nerve root..." Would the use of...
  5. S

    64640 or 64999

    My doctor is wanting to do a RFA of the coccyx. I am leaning toward this being a 64999 instead of a 64640. Does anyone have support for which code is correct??
  6. D

    Consult and Procdure question

    One of my doctors asked me the other day if he does a consult on a patient to determine if a procedure is needed can he bill for a consult and a procedure on the same day? I told him that I did not think we could bill for both. Who is correct?
  7. A

    Need help with homework

    Having a difficult time with homework with coding from my ICD-10-CM code book. Looking for help to see if some of my answers are correct. Message if you can help me please and thanks
  8. E

    Correct Order

    A patient is seen with septic shock from generalized septicemia. The correct coding and sequencing would be? Septicemia, SIRS, septic shock Septic shock, SIRS, septicemia Septicemia, SIRS Septic Shock, SIRS
  9. D

    Need help coding this visit

    Have a patient who is 29 days old at time of service. Diagnosed with K21.9 GERD, R19.7 diarrhea unspecified, and L22 diaper dermatitis. Insurance is denying due to dx not matching child's age. Not sure which code they are denying. I think it may be the diarrhea which may need to changed to P78.3...
  10. S

    Nexplanon-What is the correct

    What is the correct CPT code for insertion of Nexplanon?
  11. J

    Lower Endoscopic Ultrasound and Anorectal manometry

    Kindly help me to check if these codes are correct. The procedure done on an Outpatient Basis in the Hospital: The radial echoendoscope was advanced with ease to the rectum. EUS Findings: The internal anal sphincter demonstrated anterior thinning with mild posterior hypertrophy. The external...
  12. 1

    Preop HP billing

    If a surgeon in a group schedules a patient for a major surgery, but sends the patient to their PCP for the HP, what is the correct way of billing both services? The global package includes payment for some pre op work. So if PCP in another group does HP, what is the correct way to bill?
  13. D

    pain managment code

    dr. is billing 20553 and injecting lidocaine J2001, my billing company is indicating that modifier 59 should be added to the j code, I don't think that's correct, does anyone know, thank you
  14. T

    surgical aftercare code correct for this?

    Pt is recovering from hospital stay in which liver abscess was drained and was put on antibiotics for 4 weeks. He now presents to office needing 2 more weeks of antibiotics and referral to ID. Prescription is given, referral is made. (No other treatment provided; brief basic exam performed.) Is...
  15. T

    coding stage of foot ulcer

    Complaint: Pt presents with chronic right foot ulcer that is painful and non-healing. Exam: Right foot with stage 2-3 non-healing plantar ulcer. Has partial left foot amputation. (No further description provided.) Assessment: 1. Diabetes. 2. Foot ulcer. Cleaned and dressed wound. Referral to...
  16. D

    99050/99051 Codes

    I have a question, I have an Urgent Care Clinic with the hours of operation 8a-9p M-F and 8a-6p Sat. and Sun. I have looked at the charts and there are no additional services being done. However they are billing the 99050 and 99051 codes for anything after 5 and on weekends. I don't believe...
  17. N

    Compression Fracture- Initial or subsequent or Sequelae

    If an dr mentions that pt has osteoporosis with a compression fracture of the L-4 and L-5. Pt is on Boniva and goes to PT for chronic low back pain..... What is the correct code for the compression fx? The doctor doesn't seem to me as doing active txt.... This is not a healed old fx.
  18. S

    ICD10 change/addendums

    We have instances where a doctor picks an incorrect code (perhaps wrong laterality or not specific enough) in the patient's EMR. When we file the claim, we use the correct ICD10 code. Does the doctor have to do an addendum, noting the correct ICD10 code? We of course match the code to his...
  19. L

    Haglund's Deformity - in Adult

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what code I would use for Haglund's Deformity Right Wrist in a 60 year old female. I can only come up with M77.31 but it says Juvenile. So I am thinking that would not be correct. It also directs me to Osteochondrosis (juvenile,tarus) or would I go with...
  20. B

    Shannon Gentry, Billing Manager

    Hello, Can anyone explain the appropriate use of the Modifier "Q6"? I am receiving conflicting information about its correct usage. Thank you!
  21. T

    Critical Care Codes

    To be able to use critical care codes the time must be documented specifically by the physician, correct? This is for a pediatric patient who was transferred to another facility after being worked on here for a few hours. The critical care time is not documented by the physician. So I would just...
  22. M

    How many correct to pass?

    Does anyone know what the minimum score is to pass? By my math, which I suck at, I came out with 60/75 at that right, or am I wrong? 75 questions, minus have to get at least 60 questions correct??
  23. M

    Wiki Ulcerative colitis in remission

    If a patient with a history of UC has a surveillance colonoscopy and all bx come back negative, the Dr's comment is UC "in remission" what is the correct Dx code?
  24. R

    29846 vs 29847

    Patient has scapholunate ligament tear which is repaired with Kwires through scope. The CPT would be 29847, correct? Dr always gives me 29846 which I thought was only for TFCC tears. Please advise. Thank you,
  25. C

    Wiki diagnosis coding for biopsy

    Patient comes in and has a biopsy I was taught in class to wait until the Path is recd back to bill with the correct dx. The physician I work for states we should bill with d48.5, Neoplasm, uncertain behavior. Which is correct and what do you do? If anyone knows where I can find it in black...
  26. P

    Open Abdomen with Vac-Packs

    Need help with open abdomens when Vac-Packs are placed, days later the physician goes back and removes the Vac-Pack debrides the wound and reapplies the Vack-Pack. This procedure is sometimes repeated on multiple occassions. Any suggestions on the correct coding of these procedures? Any...