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I have a question, I have an Urgent Care Clinic with the hours of operation 8a-9p M-F and 8a-6p Sat. and Sun. I have looked at the charts and there are no additional services being done. However they are billing the 99050 and 99051 codes for anything after 5 and on weekends. I don't believe this is correct. I don't believe these should be billed during their regular hours of operation. Could I get some feedback please.

I think they were designed as reporting/statistics only codes and not to be attached to a fee. However, they can bill it but most payers don't pay anything. 99050 wouldn't be appropriate though since the services took place during normal business hours. 99051 was created to report evening and weekends during normally scheduled hours.
99051 is appropriate for regularly scheduled evening weekend and holiday hours. 99050 would be if services are provided when the office is scheduled to be closed. This does not mean due to running late with patients yet to be seen. You should use these codes when appropriate. And they are reimbursed a significant number of times.