1. E

    Wiki Looking for a PT coding position to go Full time??????

    Hello, I am Em Lewis currently working as a PT coder on the weekends and needing to add a new vendor as the volume of work I can do has slowed significantly. My contact information : oldflame727@hotmail.com. I have /am coding for another client is slow with work. I am both CPC - A certified...
  2. C

    Wiki Billing 99051 and 99050

    What constitutes billing a 99050 and 99051. We have clinics that are open 9-5 as well as clinics open after 5pm and weekends. When can a provider bill for these codes?
  3. D

    Wiki 99050/99051 Codes

    I have a question, I have an Urgent Care Clinic with the hours of operation 8a-9p M-F and 8a-6p Sat. and Sun. I have looked at the charts and there are no additional services being done. However they are billing the 99050 and 99051 codes for anything after 5 and on weekends. I don't believe...
  4. ghejnal

    Wiki Residents billable "after hours" in ED setting?

    Hi all, I am looking for official guidelines or a website somewhere that states that residents are billable ON THEIR OWN without having to have attending documentation during the following hours: Monday-Friday after 4:30 or 5:00pm (I'm unsure which time), weekends and holidays. I was taught...