1. Mtee

    Wiki Flexible hours remote coding companies

    Hello, Does anyone know of remote coding companies that offer flexible hours? Such as being able to set your hours as long as you meet a weekly work quota or have totaled 40 hours or some other arrangement. Or remote coding companies that pay per chart or per code? Thank you for your help...
  2. W

    Wiki Psychological Testing

    My Doctor just met the patient 90791, Can I also use 90785 as the visit was 1 1/2 hours. During this time she also did testing and some interpretation. She met with the patient again for another hour and also wrote an evaluation(4 hours) for his court appearance. I am so confused on how to code...
  3. M

    Wiki Experienced Coder looking for recommendations for Remote Coding with flexible hours

    Can anyone recommend a company/agency looking for coders with some experience and flexible hours? I can't work a straight 9-5, I'm looking for something where I can work part-time or break up the hours because the contract I was hired for ended unexpectedly, with no notice. Pay can be...
  4. A

    Wiki Looking for Remote Coding Opportunity, with flexible hours

    Good Morning, Does anybody know of any remote coding positions, offering flexible hours?? I am currently working full time, but due to recent circumstances I would like to find a remote coding job in which to supplement additional income. However, the hours would need to be very flexible...
  5. L

    Wiki question on remoted job

    Speaking to remote job, I am wondering how you are able to manage your time to do the training, which is in the core office hours time (8-5) "mandatory", while maintain the actual full time job going on?
  6. C

    Wiki OB Anesthesia Coding for Epidural with No Delivery

    Our anesthesiologist notes the following scenario: "How should we submit the bill for a patient in labor who had an epidural placed for 20 hours after which they decide to stop her induction of labor for a later time. So she had 20 hours of anesthesia for labor but no delivery." I am inclined...
  7. D

    Wiki 99050/99051 Codes

    I have a question, I have an Urgent Care Clinic with the hours of operation 8a-9p M-F and 8a-6p Sat. and Sun. I have looked at the charts and there are no additional services being done. However they are billing the 99050 and 99051 codes for anything after 5 and on weekends. I don't believe...
  8. D

    Wiki Part Time Experienced Biller for OB-GYN Practice in Montvale, NJ

    OB-GYN practice looking for experienced biller with coding experience. CPC strongly preferred and must be ICD-10 proficient. 10-15 hours per week. Hours are flexible and negotiable. The candidate must have strong knowledge of scrubbing claims and reviewing charges before submission for...
  9. ghejnal

    Wiki Residents billable "after hours" in ED setting?

    Hi all, I am looking for official guidelines or a website somewhere that states that residents are billable ON THEIR OWN without having to have attending documentation during the following hours: Monday-Friday after 4:30 or 5:00pm (I'm unsure which time), weekends and holidays. I was taught...