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Can anyone explain the appropriate use of the Modifier "Q6"? I am receiving conflicting information about its correct usage.

Thank you!
Modifier Q6

This modifier is used when a locum comes in to replace a physician who may be out of town or on holiday. The physician who is out of town or on holiday bills for the services performed by the locum physician, by appending the Q6 modifier to every CPT line. The insurance pays the physician who is billing (not the locum). This can be done for up to 90 days. The methodology behind it is that the physician out of town is paying the locum a monthly salary for his services. Some physicians use this when they have hired a new physician to join the group who is not yet credentialed with the insurance. But be wary of this, as the main physician is not supposed to be on site during the period that the locum is seeing the patients.

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