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    Wiki Looking for Info on Jobs in New Hampshire

    Good afternoon everyone! I’m hoping there are some New Hampshire residents here that can help me out with some info. My wife and I are planning to move to NH(from upstate NY) sometime in the 1st quarter of 2018 and I’m trying to get a better feel for places to apply at. She’s a medical biller...
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    Incident to billing to Commercial carriers

    Does anyone know where I can find the commercial carriers' rules for incident to billing? I've tried searching ALL of the commercial carrier's websites and the only payer that has information is BCBS/Anthem. Does anyone have suggestions as to where to get this information? My practice...
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    Wiki Can you bill 29827 & 23412 for the same shoulder?

    I'm getting conflicting information. 29827 & 23412 have an NCCI edit of 1, meaning that a modifier is allowed. Does that mean that if they are performed on different tendons that both are allowed on the same shoulder? I'm getting conflicting information and some of it may be due to older...
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    Wiki Remote Flexible Hour Positions

    I am looking for evening/weekend part time coding work and I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding companies that offer these type of positions or any information about what avenues to pursue. Thank you Lisa M
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    Most frequently billed Dx codes for Lacerations/ cuts / open wounds??????

    Is there a website of database I would be able to access to find out the top Dx codes billed for Lacerations/ cuts / open wounds currently or in 2015? I am a coder/ biller and have been asked for this information by my boss for planning purposes. This office is new to billing so they do not...
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    Wiki Looking for PT Remote Coding Position

    Hello! I am newly certified in ICD-10 and am looking for a PT remote position to get started on my coding career. I worked in an ED as a scribe, so I am very familiar with medical terminology, procedures, diagnoses, and recording all pertinent aspects of physician encounters with patients. My...
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    Wiki Helpful Anesthesia Billing Guidelines Resources

    Hello, Does anyone have any reputable [online] anesthesia coding resources with clear instructions on calculating time units? I've been directed to the 'Anesthesia' website, but did not locate information there. I understand there are many variables to reaching units (i.e. payer specific...
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    Wiki G6015 and 77014

    Hello. We are seeing denials for this code combination with all payers. If you have any information you could share on this that would be awesome. Thank you for taking time to read and share.
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    Out Patient Hosptial Modifier

    Good Morning , Can you please let me know your thoughts on this. Should a TC modifier be applied to cpt 76000 on an outpatient hosptial billing. (actual facility charge) I have never heard of this, but am being told this has changed as of 01012016. I cannot find any information regarding...
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    Wiki leg length inequality

    Pt states he has left leg about 5" shorter than right secondary to childhood issue. Diagnosis: Leg length inequality (finding) M21.70. Referral made. (No further information or exam done of leg.) I'm wondering if I can code more specifically than the code shown above, M21.70, Unequal limb...
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    Wiki HCPCS codes

    I am still fairly new at coding and was wondering, when are the HCPCS codes used? I know for injections, I use them but in what other scenarios and what Payers cover the codes? My brain is trying to get soon much information because I do want to be a great coder, lol. Thank you!!
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    Wiki Prolia (J0897)

    Hi, The Dr. I work for would like to offer Prolia injections to patients with bone density issues. I've been looking for any information regarding reimbursement. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you! :)
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    Wiki Coder/Medical biller in Atlanta, Ga

    Neurology group is looking for an experienced Coder/biller. CPC preferred but not required. Neurology coding a plus.
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    Wiki New cpc-a, looking for employment

    Hello, I am a new CPC-A (11/2015). I am looking to start my career in coding. Does anyone know of a company(ies) that hires CPC-A? Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day. Thank you,
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    Wiki ICD-10 Abdominal

    Need help! What is the code for Anterior Abdominal Open Wound? We have no other information. Need an unspecified code, other or NOS.
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    Wiki Transmetatarsal amputation of the foot

    Is a transmetatarsal amputation of the foot (not just toe), non-traumatic, 88307 or 88305? Padget does not discuss this distinction for the foot. I recall finding something about it at one time supporting 88307, but for the life of me, I now can't locate the information. Help!
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    Wiki Shannon Gentry, Billing Manager

    Hello, Can anyone explain the appropriate use of the Modifier "Q6"? I am receiving conflicting information about its correct usage. Thank you!
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    Wiki Remote Coders! Please Help!

    Hello! My name is Chelsea (CPC-A since 2013, and ICD-10 Proficient). I currently have been hired as a medical coder in an office in my home town. My true goal is to obtain a remote coding job. If anyone out there who is a remote medical coder can shed some light on their own personal...
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    Wiki 90670 Prevnar

    Hi, is there an age restriction on 90670 Prevnar? I am getting denials for patient's age but do not have any information Thank you!
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    Wiki GC Modifiers

    I'm trying to find information on the use of GC modifiers and Critical Care. Do you use the modifier with CC time since it's documented by the physician and the physician's documentation must meet CC requirements? If so or if not, where can I find the information? Thanks
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    Wiki Coders Direct, LLC ?

    Has anyone ever heard of these guys? They say they will post your contact information and credentials in their database. Then, they'll compare your information to what potential employers are looking for to see if it's a match. They also claim to be a good source for C.E.U.s. I didn't sign...
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    Wiki Billing California Medi-cal

    Hi, I am new to billing OB/GYN Medi-cal for California, and am finding there are so many rules and modifiers needed. I was wondering if anyone had some helpful resourses. Their web page is unhelpful. Especially information on 59400, 59510 and BTOs. Thanks, Tammy Hughes, CPC Practice Manager...
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    Wiki CRNA Experience

    Hi everyone, I have just recently become a cpc and i have just starting doing coding for a group of certified registered nurse anesthetists, if anyone has any experience in this area, I would love to hear from you. Our CRNA's do work for a few gastroentrology places and 2 urology centers, if...
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    Wiki Locum Tenens and NPI numbers

    I received a notice for a new seminar that stated there was something in the NPI contingency plan whereby NPI numbers for locum tenens physicians have to be reported on claim forms instead of the absent physician's NPI number. I cannot find this information anywhere, has anyone else run across...
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    Wiki NPI deadline?

    My understanding is that the deadline for EMC billing and NPI is May 23, 2007. Is this correct? I also understand they have extended the deadline to June 2008 for paper claims. Is this correct? I am receiving information from a "consultant" working for our physician that states both EMC and...
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    Wiki Prolonged

    Can someone please define "Prolonged" for me when it comes to insulin use? Is there a timeline? I didn't find this information as to the lenghth of time. I know they have to be on current insulin use. Thanks:eek: