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    Wiki Shannon Gentry, Billing Manager

    Hello, Can anyone explain the appropriate use of the Modifier "Q6"? I am receiving conflicting information about its correct usage. Thank you!
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    Wiki 99420-HD Illinois Medicaid

    We are receiving denials from Illinois Medicaid for postpartum depression screen. We have instruction from Illinois Medicaid to report 99420 with HD modifier under the child's RIN. Since ICD-10 we are receiving denials and find no code for postpartum depression screen. Previously we were able to...
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    Wiki 7th Character "A" and "D" HELP!!

    I would like to get some clarification on the use of ICD-10's 7th character "A" and "D". Its pretty self explanatory when a patient presents in the Emergency room or when an initial surgery is performed, the 7th character is "A" because they are receiving active treatment. What about in the...