1. A

    Wiki Reason for Anesthesia due to age

    I'm having trouble coming up with an ICD-10 code to include on a claim for dental care under GA in the OR on a very young patient who cannot tolerate in-office care because of their age. Is R54 what you would use, or am I missing something? Thank you for your collective wisdom!
  2. Rebecca Pate

    Wiki 90471 denials

    We are getting denials for CPT code 90471 from everyone. The denial states "Not eligible due to the patient's age". The patient is 23 years old, and got the HPV vaccine (90649). I have never seen this denial before. Have there been changes made that I am not aware of? Any help would be...
  3. C

    Wiki HPV Vaccine given to patient over 26

    Hello, One of our providers gave an HPV vaccine to a patient over the age of 26. Obviously Medicaid denied the 90649 code due to patient age. In cases like this, do I just go back and tell the provider we cannot bill the HPV vaccine because of the age? Does the provider need to add an append...
  4. D

    Wiki Need help coding this visit

    Have a patient who is 29 days old at time of service. Diagnosed with K21.9 GERD, R19.7 diarrhea unspecified, and L22 diaper dermatitis. Insurance is denying due to dx not matching child's age. Not sure which code they are denying. I think it may be the diarrhea which may need to changed to P78.3...
  5. S

    Wiki missed ab and gest age codes

    When billing a visit where it tis determined a patient has a missed ab what gest age should be used? Age she should be by LMP or age measuring on ultrasound? this can sometimes be a few weeks.
  6. Love Coding!

    Wiki Child under 15 with Osteoporsis

    What ICD-10 code can I use for a child with osteoporosis? M81.0 Age-related osteoporosis without current pathological fracture, is for children over 15 years of age. Much appreciated! I've tried looking extensively and could not find anything online leading to a code. Denise
  7. S

    Wiki 90670 Prevnar

    Hi, is there an age restriction on 90670 Prevnar? I am getting denials for patient's age but do not have any information Thank you!
  8. D

    Wiki ICD code question

    I have a patient who is 28 days old and was diagnosed with Intestional malabsorption, diarrhea unspecified, and diaper dermatitis but insurance is denying because one of these diagnoses is not age related. I am thinking it is the intestional malabsorption and if this is what would you diagnose with?