depression screening

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    Wiki Depression Screening to Commercial Payers

    I would like to know if any practices submit CPT code G0444, with modifier 59 for depression screenings; using screening tools such as the PHQ-9 to commercial plans. The test is scored, reviewed and a plan is documented by the provider. I understand that this code is to be used for Medicare...
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    Wiki Blue Care Network MI

    Can someone try to steer me in the right direction? I am in Michigan and I'm running out of patience with this claim denial. Pt has Blue Care Network, he came in for his Medicare physical, I coded as below: G0439 96127-59 (they don't use G0444) G8510 3288F First, I didn't append the 59...
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    Wiki Medicare denying G0444

    I'm in Michigan and when we do a Medicare Annual Wellness Exam, we always bill G0444-59 for reporting purposes when eligible. For some reason Medicare has denied it with CO-236 This procedure or procedure/modifier combination is not compatible with another procedure or procedure/modifier...
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    Wiki PHQ-2 followed by PHQ-9

    We are billing 96127 for depression screening of adolescents. All patients 12+ are given the PHQ-2 and if any answers are positive, they are then given the PHQ-9. So my question is: if both PHQ-2 and PHQ-9 are completed and interpreted is it appropriate to bill 96127 x2? Thanks! -CC