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    Wiki Drainage from an indwelling thoracic cathether

    If a patient presents with an indwelling cathether due to recurrent plueral effusion and or fluid build up and the physician drains the fluid from the existing cathether and the the patient's suction jar would this be a assigned the thoracentisis cpt 32554? or would this be included in the E/M...
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    Wiki Drainage of Nasal Abscess via Transoral approach

    The doctor did a drainage of right nasal abscess via transoral approach. Will this require an unlisted code or can I use code 40801? Or is there a better code that I'm just not finding? Any tips would be appreciated. Below is the op report: Procedure: Drainage of right nasal abscess via...
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    Wiki PleurX Catheter drainage

    Hello all, I think I know the answer to this, but I just wanted to be sure. Can we code for the draining of fluid from an already placed catheter? The catheter was placed in May 2021 and the provider has drained fluid via PleurX catheter a few times since then. From what I have seen in the CPT...
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    Wiki Need Help with parapharyngeal abscess!

    Doctor said he did a procedure for incision and drainage of parapharyngeal abscess. But in the procedure details it says there was no drainage and no abscess found. Below is the op report: Procedure: Incision and drainage of parapharyngeal abscess Procedure details: Patient was taken to...
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    Wiki clarification of 10140 vs 10060

    This has been a long-standing question here, and I hope someone on the forum has the answer: Since 10060/10061 are specifically for I&D of "abscess," does that mean that if a cyst is not abscessed, you should use 10140 for I&D of cyst?
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    Wiki Myringotomy tube removal and expression of pus from the same ear. HELP!!

    I am very confused about a report I currently have. My doctor performed cerumen removal on the left side. On the right side, he performed ventilating tube removal and then expressed pus from the posterior earlobe. How would the codes look like? I am thinking either 1,2 or 3: 69000, 69424-59...
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    Wiki Intrathecal Pump Implant Evacuation of fluid mass

    Hi, patient presents with 1-2 months of swelling in lower back. Pt has a pump and catheter that was implanted 08/2016. The provider was concerned it is a chronic CSF leak due to catheter. Will attempt to evacuate the mass and send for culture and analysis. Provider used a 18 gauge 1.5...
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    Wiki Attempted incision and drainage - no drainage

    Hi, How would you code an attempted incision and drainage, but nothing drained when the incision was made? Preop dx: cellulitis of groin concerning for necrotizing fasciitis Post op dx: cellulitis of left groin region. Here is the op note: "Area of induration was identified in the left...
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    Wiki I&D or E/M?

    New patient presents in office to have wound repacked after I&D of the gluteal crease from another physician. Encounter form indicated packing. I informed the physician that I was not aware of a packing code and that an E/M can only be charged since there was no incision. After speaking to the...