Wiki Myringotomy tube removal and expression of pus from the same ear. HELP!!


Leander, TX
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I am very confused about a report I currently have.

My doctor performed cerumen removal on the left side. On the right side, he performed ventilating tube removal and then expressed pus from the posterior earlobe.

How would the codes look like? I am thinking either 1,2 or 3:

  1. 69000, 69424-59, 69210-XS
  2. 69000, 69210-XS
  3. 69424, 10060, 69210-XS

Thanks everyone!
I need a little more information to best help you.

  • What insurance carrier are you billing (Medicare, United Healthcare, BCBS, etc.)?
  • What is the diagnosis you are billing for the "expression of pus"? Is it an abscess or something else such as a cyst?
  • How was the "expression of pus" performed (by puncture with a needle, by opening the area up with a scalpel, etc.)?

Depending on your answers to these, your codes and modifiers can be determined. You are definitely going to use 69210 for the removal of impacted cerumen from the left ear and 69424 for the removal of the ventilating tube from the right ear. However, I need the answers to the questions above to help you with "expression of pus" and the modifiers.