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    Wiki Ossicular chain reconstruction

    I wanted to get an opinion on this op report. I know there is no code for ossicular chain reconstruction or excision of canal cholesteatoma and the closest code would be 69632. The doctor did not repair the tympanic membrane but because of the reconstruction and removal of cholesteatoma, can I...
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    Wiki Fabrication and Application of Thermoplastic Ear Splint (i.e. Ear Molding) for Stahl's Ear

    Here's a challenge for you experienced Plastic Surgery Coders! My plastic surgeon saw a 5-week-old male with bilateral abnormal scaphoid folding with resulting Stahl's Ear contour. He determined that cartilage molding is possible, given child's early age, and could improve the overall appearance...
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    Wiki Myringotomy tube removal and expression of pus from the same ear. HELP!!

    I am very confused about a report I currently have. My doctor performed cerumen removal on the left side. On the right side, he performed ventilating tube removal and then expressed pus from the posterior earlobe. How would the codes look like? I am thinking either 1,2 or 3: 69000, 69424-59...
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    Wiki Emergency room visits using t sheet

    When a patient is evaluated in the ER and a T sheet is filled out by a ER nurse and she documents Right Ear Pain. The physician then comes in and evaluates the patient and diagnosis Acute Ear Pain, but does not use laterality ie Right or Left. Can the coding be done as Right ear pain...
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    Wiki Ear swab culture

    We have always used 87070 when sending an ear swab for aerobic bacterial culture...starting this month the lab we use is changing this code to 87186 stating Medicare requires we use it. However Medicare is denying the code due to "not medically necessary", has anyone else received this? Doesn't...
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    Wiki Ear Canal closure

    Is there a specific code for closure of the ear canal, or is that included in the skin graft?
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    Wiki Coding Op Advice?

    Provider want to code unlisted? Procedure: Right myringotomy tube insertion, left middle ear exploration The patient was brought to the operating room, laid in the supine position, and administered mask anesthesia. An IV has been started and IV med was given. The right was examined. Using...
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    Wiki Ear wick

    What CPT code would I use for placement of an ear wick for otitis externa for a patient in the ED?:rolleyes: