1. V

    Wiki Echo - I11.9 indication - need your inputs

    Hello everyone, We have been having discussions on these 2 CMS links to check on the medical necessity for the complete Echo code 93306. 1. A57306 - - Dx I11.9 is allowed only for 93308 2. A56781 -...
  2. A

    Wiki billing 93306 and 93015

    Can echo 93306 and stress test 93015 be billed together during a office visit? Does require any modifier? It seems like insurance request medical record every time we bill these two together. thank you
  3. D

    Wiki Help please- Proper documentation for Stress Echo with 93325 and 93320

    I code for a Cardiology practice that frequently performs Stress Echo's in the clinic. I bill 93351, but I am having trouble finding guidelines on billing 93325 and 93320. Their reports do not specifically state that Doppler or Color flow was used. I know it is best practice for the providers to...
  4. J


    While I can find information on what speckle tracking echo is, I can't find a CPT for it anywhere. Is there anyone who can help me out here? Appreciate it!
  5. V

    Wiki Fetal Echo

    For fetal echos and was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me-I code for ped cardio & we do many fetal echos in office - from my understanding the coding should be 76825 & 76827 complete & 76826 &76828 follow up or limited (+93325 doppler) That being said if we do a complete fetal echo...
  6. S

    Wiki ESE without resting echo

    The cardiologist I code for just started doing exercise stress echocardiograms without doing a complete resting echo. The echo tech does a quick baseline echo while the patient is at rest (no report is generated) then the tech does the stress echo while patient is on the treadmill. SUMMARY...
  7. L

    Wiki Echo read at hospital need payable dx

    Our cardiologist reads echos (93306) done at the hospital and many times we are given a diagnosis that is not on the LCD. One question I have is if we cannot get paid for reading the echo with the given diagnosis, can the facility get paid with the same diagnosis just because they are billing...
  8. carelitz

    Wiki Billed Date: Date of Service or Date Read?

    Hello! I am billing for a cardiologist that reads ECHO reports in the hospital. Therefore we bill the professional component using (93306, 93308) -26. Should the billed date be the date the ECHO was performed or the date that our doctor read the ECHO? Thanks!
  9. C

    Wiki Cpt 93303 vs 93306

    I work for a pediatric hospital and have started working on an issue with the pediatric echos. If I have a patient who had a congenital condition that has been resolved or fixed, do I still code 93303 or 93306? For example, 1. I have a 14 year old who had a echo done and his diagnosis is...
  10. L

    Wiki stress echo-I have a new

    I have a new client that is interested in doing Stress Echo's in their office. They currently do treadmill tests, and do echocardiograms. What CPT codes would go together for a complete Stress Echo. Right now we use 93307, 93329 and 93325. Please let me know how to bundle all CPT codes to...