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I have a new client that is interested in doing Stress Echo's in their office. They currently do treadmill tests, and do echocardiograms. What CPT codes would go together for a complete Stress Echo. Right now we use 93307, 93329 and 93325. Please let me know how to bundle all CPT codes to perform a Stress Echo.
I have never coded cardiology before but I am thinking the proper way to code stress echo would be 93350 with the appropriate code from the 93015-93018 series, per CPT these codes should be reported in addition to 93350 to capture the exercise stress portion of the study. Hope this helps!!!!
Cheryl, LPN, CPC:)
I agree. If your physician is present during the entire procedure you would code 93016, 93018 and 93350. If not present entire procedure 93018 and 93350 with 26 mondifier on 93350 only :D