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    Incomplete stress test

    A patient came into cardiology as an OP for a stress test. Patient was only able to walk on treadmill for two minutes. EKG tracings and pulse oximetry , blood pressures where being monitored. Patient stated just cannot walk anymore "I am out of gas". Patient never achieved qualifying Heart...
  2. T

    Coding E/M with NST

    Can E/M codes be coded with a non stress test?
  3. F

    NP's and treadmill stress tests

    Question has come up today.... can an NP bill for a stress test?
  4. M

    Stess code and G codes

    new stress code for medicare? My office previously used 78452 now we are told this is no longer acceptable anyone know the new code? and also the G codes we previously used G8443, and G8445 along with others though they have been deleted now. I think we are to us G8448 in these spots? Thank...
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    stress echo-I have a new

    I have a new client that is interested in doing Stress Echo's in their office. They currently do treadmill tests, and do echocardiograms. What CPT codes would go together for a complete Stress Echo. Right now we use 93307, 93329 and 93325. Please let me know how to bundle all CPT codes to...