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    Wiki Endoscopic Brow Lift

    Hi Everyone , I am new to plastic Surgery coding and I have a case where my doctor did a endoscopic brow lift. What CPT Code would be most appropriate for this procedure. I looked around some thread at some said 67999 or 67900. If I were to put the unlisted procedure what codes would be...
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    Wiki Endoscopic Procedures

    Hello All, My physician's perform the following procedure endoscopically: Cubital Tunnel Release, Pronator Teres Release & Trigger Finger Release. We were originally coding it as follows: Cubital 64718, Pronator 64708 & Trigger 26055. However, we've recently been advised that due to using the...
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    Wiki Endoscopic Pronator Release and Endoscopic Cubital Release

    I need some thoughts and direction on the proper way to code an Endoscopic Pronator Release and an Endoscopic Cubital Release. I have been using 29999. Is there a better code to use? Also, what are some thoughts on coding an Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release with a Volar Fasciotomy? In the...
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    Wiki POEM procedures

    I am wondering if there are any GI offices performing the pre oral endoscopic myotomy? I am needing help locating what your charge amount is.
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    Wiki Nasal Endoscopy Rejection

    I am Sarith Kalikkot working as a ENT Coder in Middle East, I am getting rejection for Nasal Endoscopy Procedure for past few months. DIAGNOSTIC ENDOSCOPIC REPORT  Thickening of mucosal lining of nasal cavity, pale in appearance with moderate congestion.  Moderate hypertrophied L inferior...
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    Wiki Endoscopy - Ia m getting a denial from Secure

    Ia m getting a denial from Secure Horizon for the services billed below....Any help would be greatly appreciated. Left endoscopic sinonasal tumor resection, CPT 31237/5159 Left endoscopic sinonasal medial maxillectomy, CPT 31267-2251 Left endoscopic sinonasal eyhmoidectomy, CPT 31255/51LT Left...
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    Wiki transanal endoscopic resection of rectal mass with a twist

    Has anyone ever heard of your doc doing a transanal endoscopic resection of a rectal mass or polyp (45171 or 45172) but also came in laparscopically? I am thinking I will need an unlisted code but I was wondering if anyone else had ever come across this? Procedure notes: first co surgeon...