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    Wiki Do you still see unbundling errors in practice?

    One would think insurance companies detect unbundling during claims processing but they still seem to be fairly common in practice. What is your experience?
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    Wiki Correcting Codes

    I work in a practice where the providers do all of the coding before its signed off on, occasionally they look over small errors such as duplicate codes or incorrect codes. Do the providers have to make the addendum to correct those errors or am I as an office manager able to make that addendum...
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    Wiki AAPC 2016 ICD-10 Book Errors

    Hi, I have recently found a typo in the index of the AAPC 2016 ICD-10-CM book: Pain -> Joints -> Finger : This code should be M25.54- Pain -> Joints -> Hand : This code should be M25.54- Does anyone know if there is a complete list of errata / errors for this book?

    Wiki Practicode Problems

    I like Practicode as it is providing me with actual coding experience. But there are issues with the program. On numerous occasions I had all the correct coding entries but the program scored me incorrectly. For example, on this last chart all six parameters were correct but the program scored...