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    CPCO Exam Materials

    Hello Everyone, In the CPCO materials to print, there's a lot of old manuals and federal registers that are out dated... I was wondering if we needed to print out the most current information and replace the old stuff, or if we were still being tested on the old things and the new things...
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    Highlighting and notes

    What are things that you've made notes or highlighted in your books that really helped during the exam? I sit for mine in December and I'm really trying to get everything in order. Thanks!
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    CEMC cert

    Hello all, so myself and four coworkers are going to start studying for the CEMC. I was wondering if those of you who have taken it have any tips, or guidance, or can share your experience with this certification. Are there additional study materials that you found beneficial? Is there an...
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    Suggestions please - CPMA EXAM PREPARATION

    Hi All, I need some guidance regarding CPMA Exam. Those who have already cleared this exam, Kindly provide your valuable suggestions for preparation. 1.How many ICD-10-CM related questions will be asked in Exam? 2.How many questions will be asked on ICD-10-PCS? 3.How many CPT guidelines...