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Jesup, GA
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What are things that you've made notes or highlighted in your books that really helped during the exam? I sit for mine in December and I'm really trying to get everything in order. Thanks!
If you write too many notes and highlight too much, everything will start to blend in even more than it does without any notes.

One thing that helps in sections that span multiple pages to write in the top of the book what body area. For instance in Musculoskeletal , pelvis and hip joint is 7 pages, you could easily lose track of where you are if you happen to turn to page 4 so you write "pelvis and hip" at the top of each page .

Circling groups of codes which have indented lines. highlight the indented code descriptions to remove you to look up to the non indented code for the code description prior to the semicolon.

I found in sections like critical care that have a ton of guidelines, to highlight some of the more important like the Includes.

I subscribe to the blitz courses through CCO.us. Laureen includes scans of her book so you can copy every note she has into your book. Since its typically a year subscription you will also be provided with the same for the 2017 book (which will be handy if you don't pass and need to retake next year).