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    Wiki Medical Decision Making Table (Number of DXs or Treatment options, DATA Reviewed, and Risk table) Examples for Inpatient Hospital Coding 99221-99239?

    Hi, I wanted to ask if someone can provide me with some links or websites or anything really, that may have a list of common illnesses/injuries that are good examples to use for the different levels of the MDM table for Inpatient Hospital Coding (99221-99239) For example, just like on the Risk...
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    Wiki Review of systems

    On the examples below regarding the ROS would the statement suffice for a complete ROS: REVIEW OF SYSTEMS: Review of systems x 12, denied except for acute gouty arthritis. or just Review of systems x 12
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    Wiki E & M coding help please

    Please help with correct E&M code new patient office visit an expanded problem focused history, comprehensive exam MDM of high complexity what will the E & M code become
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    Wiki Chapter 19 as Primary Dx

    Hello, I am new to coding and learning ICD-10 rules. The software program I am using at work is not letting me use anything from Chapter 19 as a primary dx with an outpatient CPT code. The examples in the ICD book make it look as if chapter 19 codes can be used as primary... is it just my...
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    Wiki modifers XE, XU

    Does anyone have any examples as to how these two modifiers are actually supposed to be used? We are having questions, since we are uncertain as to their proper use. Thank You!
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    Wiki Wellness exams

    Does anyone have any good resources and examples to describe wellness vs sick visits. Thank you.