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facility billing

  1. C

    Question ACEP ER Facility Guidelines

    Anyone familiar with ACEP facility ER coding Guidelines? Have you used them in a facility or ever worked with them? Thanks
  2. B

    Question Facility fee

    When billing facility fees at a hospital owned office, it says the assessment to determine the actual charge is done by a nurse. My question is does it have to be a RN or can it be LPN or CMA?
  3. H

    cpc with outpatient, hospital and facility experience

    Nichole Morris, CPC NicholeHMorris85@gmail.com Medical Billing & Coding Accomplished professional with solid background in health care clinical operations, including medical billing and coding standards, financial policies, and medical record documentation. Expertise in insurance...
  4. R

    billing part b for POS 24

    I'm completely lost over how to bill on the CMS1500 for our ASC/facility...to Medicare part B... any help would be lovely. I have rendering physician and ordering physician, even though they're the same. TC also does not work. My EHR doesn't want to let me enter a TOS. So, please...
  5. R

    Dental procedures provided in a facility..HELP!!!

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how a facility bills/gets reimbursed for dental services provided in an OP surgical setting-by an oral surgeon that is a DMD or DDS. We have typically used 41899 or other 4XXXX range CPT codes and received minimal if any reimbursement. Now with Medicaid using...
  6. M

    billing 20610 and 77002 for Professional claim vs Technical

    Hoping someone can help! :) I work for a billing company for a group of radiologists who perform 20610 along with other injection/biopsy procedures under flouro guidance in a facility that is separately owned and operated. It has come to our attention that the facility has been billing for this...
  7. A

    Physician E&M service same day Facility Infusion

    I hope I can get someone to shed some light on this issue. physician E&M service and facility infusion on the same day- So in peds, often times, the physician ends up seeing the patient on the same day as infusion therapy that is billed by the facility. Since the clinic and infusion suite...
  8. T

    Inpatient and Outpatient Facility Billing Information

    Hi. What are the best resources, websites, sources, classes and certifications needed to become a both inpatient and outpatient facility biller? Learn in detail, calculating DRG, revenue codes, rate codes, value codes, occurrence codes, APG payment system, OPPS and which CPT codes must certain...
  9. A

    OBGYN Facility Fee for abortions and hysteroscopies?

    When an OBGYN provider preforms a D&C or a hysteroscopy in the office, insurance carriers pay less than when performed in the hospital. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Is there an additional code or a different way to bill procedures in the office for a higher reimbursement rate? The cost...
  10. T

    Billing Assessments at Facility

    Hi, I currently work for a company that provides all LOC's including RESIDENTIAL, PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION (PHP) and INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT (IOP-Facility). We do NOT have a traditional outpatient program here so only facility services are provided. I would like to know if there is a way to bill...
  11. J

    Facility Billing Tutor Needed

    I have 20 years experience working in billing (professional), bookkeeping and medical software training. I am looking for training in facility billing only. All the billing classes I look at are for both the professional and facility components. Any course suggestions or someone willing to...