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I currently work for a company that provides all LOC's including RESIDENTIAL, PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION (PHP) and INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT (IOP-Facility). We do NOT have a traditional outpatient program here so only facility services are provided.

I would like to know if there is a way to bill for an assessment if a patient is ONLY seeking the assessment for recommendations. For example, we often have potential patients call because they have been court ordered or mandated by a judge or DCF to have an assessment completed. Is there a way that we can bill for this assessment even though we only do facility billing, in which this service is normally bundled?

I am in Florida and we are trying to figure out if we need to technically be an outpatient facility in order to do this. Typically the person performing the assessment will be a LCSW but we do have other providers as well.

I'm always open to connecting with others that work in this specialty and have experience that they would like to share. Feel free to email me at