residential treatment

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    Billing inpatient/residential

    In regards to billing inpatient/residential for substance abuse (or really any residential), can an interim bill be billed daily? We've always billed with a date span using a treatment plan HCPC and a room and board rev code. Then the appropriate type of bill code. For us we use 86(1,2,3 or 4)...
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    Encountering multiple services for open Medicaid client

    I work for a Medicaid managed care organization and am wondering about the appropriateness around encountering/billing multiple services for a client when the client is open to services in multiple facilities. For example, if a client is in a psychiatric residential treatment facility, can a...
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    Alcohol and Drug Abuse Residential Treatment Facility

    I work for a new facility that provides individual and group counseling for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. There are medical and behavioral health staff whom provide treatment. It is a 24-hour facility (not a hospital) and the length of stay varies from 30-90 days. I am...
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    Billing Assessments at Facility

    Hi, I currently work for a company that provides all LOC's including RESIDENTIAL, PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION (PHP) and INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT (IOP-Facility). We do NOT have a traditional outpatient program here so only facility services are provided. I would like to know if there is a way to bill...
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    99222 billed with place of service 55

    Patient was in a residential treatment facility for drug/alcohol, they're billing 99222 with POS 55 for treating physician. Aren't hospital visits CPT 99221 - 99233 for POS 21 or 25 only?