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    Wiki Assessments & Service Plans

    Do 90791 & H0031 assessment codes include a service plan? Is H0032 only used when a separate meeting occurs just for the service plan? Thanks
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    Wiki E&M coding w/o diagnosis

    My physician documented in the assessment part of his note and billed a diagnosis of shoulder pain, however he also diagnosed osteoarthritis in his x-ray results. Since there is a definitive diagnosis, I know this should be replacing shoulder pain. If the note gets audited, will the pain dx be...
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    Wiki BH Assessments - ER Diagnosis Codes

    I code for BH and I receive BH assessments (completed by LSCSW) in the ER. I am having issues with the diagnosis coding. On one hand there are the diagnoses, signs, and symptoms the patient (or outside source) reports. On another hand the LSCSW reports different (or the same) diagnoses in the...
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    Wiki Mental Health Assessment Denials - G0396, 96120, 96103

    Anyone have advice/help: as of February 1st beginning to receive Medicare denials for these three codes (G0396, 96120, 96103) for mental health assessments? We had no issues prior. Thank you!!
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    Wiki Billing for services before MH assessment?

    I work for a Medicaid organization and am wondering if it is appropriate to bill for services before an assessment is done. For example... 1. Case Manager works on paperwork for a member for 30 minutes for housing prior to taking them face to face to Housing Authority for 1 hour- Can they bill...
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    Wiki MH & SUD Assessment, how often can these be billed?

    Can mental health and substance use disorder assessments be billed more often than once per year? Let's say there was an assessment done 10 months ago by a provider but they feel that another assessment is appropriate now due to the potential change in the patient's diagnosis and health status...
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    Wiki Billing Assessments at Facility

    Hi, I currently work for a company that provides all LOC's including RESIDENTIAL, PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION (PHP) and INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT (IOP-Facility). We do NOT have a traditional outpatient program here so only facility services are provided. I would like to know if there is a way to bill...
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    Wiki Fall Assessment

    Does anyone know if Fall Assessments have a CPT code? If so, has anyone gotten paid for this? I found a CAT II code 3288F, but I know that is a reporting code only. MGulledge, CMA
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    Wiki Billing for alcohol/substance abuse INITIAL ASSESSMENTS

    Hi CodingKing, I started working in behaviroal health about six months ago so I don't have much experience with the specialty. Currently working in the residential center providing RES/PHP/IOP services. My question is in regards to my outpatient clinic coding. Typically for a patient that is...
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    Wiki Cancer coding primary vs. secondary - My confusion.

    I haven't coded cancer for a practice before, as I'm usually coding for pain management, but these scenarios are subsequent hospital visits billing for physician visits. Below are the physician's ENTIRE dictation at each encounter, but I'm ONLY confused as to what I am coding for the CANCER...
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    Wiki Documentation - HPI both indicate

    If the CC & HPI both indicate pt was being seen for annual routine exam and the ROS and Exam portion also support this. Is it reasonable to code a routine physical even though the providers assessment is Hyperlipidemia? Or would you query the provider to have amended assessment done adding the...
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    Wiki provisional diagnosis of autism

    I'm not sure what diagnosis to assign to this outpatient office visit, mental health department. Provider states: "Provisional diagnosis, F84.0, autism" in his assessment. In looking up definition of provisional, it states "for the present, possibly to be changed later." I'm uncertain if...
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    Wiki ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment Service Interruption

    Hi, I am currently taking my ICD-10 proficiency assessment and Blackboard stopped working. I am getting a "service interruption" message. Is anyone experiencing the same thing?
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    Wiki ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment Service Interruption

    Hi, I am currently taking my ICD-10 proficiency assessment and Blackboard stopped working. I am getting a "service interruption" message. Is anyone experiencing the same thing?
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    Wiki ICD 10 Assessment

    I am in the middle of taking the assessment and website has shut down. Is anyone or has anyone had this issue? What is the stance from AAPC in regards to losing the ability to access the assessment? I am beyond frustrated at this point. I sent an email but I know they won't have a chance...
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    Wiki ICD-10 CM Assessment Test

    Dear All, Today i appeared for ICD-10 CM assessment and i cleared it with 70 out of 75. But i want to know the wrong answers. Is there any way to know the wrong answers. Thanks Ravi
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    Wiki ICD-10 Assessment - I was wondering what the score

    Hi I was wondering what the score has to be to pass the ICD-10 test? Thank You