1. K

    Wiki Got a 68% on my first test...waiting on results for my 2nd test.

    I am more nervous than the first time I took the test. I was wondering how many of you passed the second time? I'm currently waiting on my results, last time I took it, it took the full 10 days to get my score!! I am hoping I get my score sooner this time.
  2. C

    Wiki Revascularization attempt failed

    Any suggestions on the coding for the physician on this case? Procedures: 1. LV catheter placement in the left ventricle with left ventriculography and hemodynamic measurements 2. Left main, LAD and circumflex coronary angiography 3. Attempted revascularization of the large ramus branch 4...
  3. fullyalive05

    Wiki Failed ACL ICD 10

    If a patient has a failed ACL tear of the left knee and ends up having an ACL revision done.... do we use the ICD 10 code S83.512D or T84.410A or both? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. T

    Wiki Failed 3 times

    I am so bummed I have failed the CPC for the 3rd time, each time its the same. The 1st time I got a 58, the 2nd a 62 and now I just saw I got a 63, has anyone went through this. I feel like I should choose another career now. I have been doing medical billing since 2007 and I feel like I having...