family practice

  1. KHH

    breathing treatment documentation requirements

    I am in need of a source for breathing treatment documentation requirements. I have been asking my providers for a pre and post treatment description and now they want in it writing and proof of why i am asking. i cannot find anything, but to me it common sense to do a pre and post treatment...
  2. A

    90696 for patients outside of 4-6 years old

    Hello, The nurse at our clinic who administers vaccines sometimes admins a 90696 for kids outside of the 4-6 age rage. She says it's due to patients being behind on their vaccines and circumstances like that. Can I code this a a DTaP 90700 and IPV 90713 separately? Or do I have to use the...
  3. H

    Family Practice Exam

    What is the best way to study for the Family Practice exam? I have my CPC and currently work in a urgent care setting. I got the Practice study guide to review. Any other tips on what I should know?
  4. A

    Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers

    Calling all RHC, CAH, FQHC coders and billers! I am a new RHC coder, and have been having a hard time finding information or resources on RHC coding and billing practices. It would be great to have our own discussion forum here, but I see very few posts pertaining to any of our unique practices...
  5. A

    Adnexal pseudoaneurysm diagnosis

    Hi all, I'm looking for the best ICD 10 code for andexal pseudoaneurysm of the uterus. That's all the information I can get from the provider. It'd be a shame to use an other specified code.
  6. L

    Acupuncture Billing for FP in Ga.

    What is the appropriate way for a Family Practice physician to bill out for Acupuncture? I have seen CPT 97810 and 97811; also I have heard where it is billed out as an office visit E/M. Given there is a specific CPT I would think that 97810 and 97811 are the appropriate way to bill out for...
  7. J

    History of blood transfusion

    Good afternoon! My provider is ordering a hepatitis test for a patient with a PMX of a blood transfusion and she wants to know if that dx would be covered. What I am trying to find out, covered or not, what is the correct way to code for this? The only code I find is Z51.89 encounter for other...
  8. C

    Audiology Services

    What Audiology Services/Tests can be performed by a Family Practice Physician?
  9. M

    FP performing Consults?

    I have been stirring about this and I just cannot think of any examples where a Family practice doc would be billing a consult? I have a doc (who always has to "beat the system" in some way, shape or form) who all of the sudden wants to bill consults. I would think he would be the one sending...