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    Wiki Primary Diagnosis Z30.011

    Scenario: Patient presents to PCP's office for oral contraception initiation (Z30.011) and that is the only thing discussed. The patient's insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield MI. In the past, claims have been denied stating the dx used is not a covered diagnosis with a contractual obligation...
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    Wiki breathing treatment documentation requirements

    I am in need of a source for breathing treatment documentation requirements. I have been asking my providers for a pre and post treatment description and now they want in it writing and proof of why i am asking. i cannot find anything, but to me it common sense to do a pre and post treatment...
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    Wiki 90696 for patients outside of 4-6 years old

    Hello, The nurse at our clinic who administers vaccines sometimes admins a 90696 for kids outside of the 4-6 age rage. She says it's due to patients being behind on their vaccines and circumstances like that. Can I code this a a DTaP 90700 and IPV 90713 separately? Or do I have to use the...
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    Wiki Family Practice Exam

    What is the best way to study for the Family Practice exam? I have my CPC and currently work in a urgent care setting. I got the Practice study guide to review. Any other tips on what I should know?
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    Wiki Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers

    Calling all RHC, CAH, FQHC coders and billers! I am a new RHC coder, and have been having a hard time finding information or resources on RHC coding and billing practices. It would be great to have our own discussion forum here, but I see very few posts pertaining to any of our unique practices...
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    Wiki Adnexal pseudoaneurysm diagnosis

    Hi all, I'm looking for the best ICD 10 code for andexal pseudoaneurysm of the uterus. That's all the information I can get from the provider. It'd be a shame to use an other specified code.
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    Wiki Acupuncture Billing for FP in Ga.

    What is the appropriate way for a Family Practice physician to bill out for Acupuncture? I have seen CPT 97810 and 97811; also I have heard where it is billed out as an office visit E/M. Given there is a specific CPT I would think that 97810 and 97811 are the appropriate way to bill out for...
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    Wiki History of blood transfusion

    Good afternoon! My provider is ordering a hepatitis test for a patient with a PMX of a blood transfusion and she wants to know if that dx would be covered. What I am trying to find out, covered or not, what is the correct way to code for this? The only code I find is Z51.89 encounter for other...
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    Wiki Audiology Services

    What Audiology Services/Tests can be performed by a Family Practice Physician?
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    Wiki FP performing Consults?

    I have been stirring about this and I just cannot think of any examples where a Family practice doc would be billing a consult? I have a doc (who always has to "beat the system" in some way, shape or form) who all of the sudden wants to bill consults. I would think he would be the one sending...