1. K

    Question Best positions for administration and coding cross-over?

    Hello forum - I've been doing a good bit of research over the past 2 years on how to move my career forward. I would love to blend my administrative skills with my new CPC skills (still an apprentice - resume posted on proper forum) and am seeking suggestions. Does anyone have suggestions...
  2. S

    Athena "Streamline" Feedback

    Hi I'm looking for ANY feedback regarding Athena's newest update Streamline. Anything is appreciated. Thanks
  3. S

    Wiki Allscripts RCMS Feedback

    Hi - Was curious if any family practice providers out there use Allscripts RCMS (Revenue Cycle Management Services) and your thoughts on it? We are considering upgrading to it. ANY feedback would be appreciated! Thanks
  4. K

    Extended ER Services

    Would like to get some feedback on what different facilities are doing with patients who need extended emergency room services. Is there a potential charge for this extended time? Or do you use Observation code? Appreciate any feedback for this situation! Kris
  5. R

    CPB billing program

    I've been looking into the CPB billing program offered through AAPC, has anybody taken the course, can I get some feedback on it?
  6. L


    I work in a family practice and I often have it where the provider does cryo on a wart, and also an injection for an immunization. Would there need to have -59 or -51? These always confuse me and I'm getting different feedback from everyone. Thanks!
  7. D

    29045 cast change

    hi I have a question, new to orthopedic coding and billing, can we bill a cast change during the post op period, along with the supplies, I see they have been billing it but I think it may be incorrect, any feedback would help thank you
  8. D

    question re allograft

    new office I work in (spine surgeon) constantly billing 22633 22842 63047 and 20930 - denial are indicating that 20930 is included, I know 20930 cannot take modifier 59 but is this true does anyone have any feedback on this thank you
  9. jshields

    Gardasil Feedback?

    Has anyone had any feedback with the new Gardasil(HPV) vaccine? Any major reimbursement issues? Any specific carrier problems?