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    Interpolation Flap--documentation requirements. Is this enough

    Hello, Wondering about this closure documentation. This scenario is for MOHS, for BCC on the right helix, with closure same day, this is all on one note. At first, all it said was "Closure, Interpolation repair." Then it was corrected to say the following: "Because of the size, location, and...
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    Breast reconstruction operative report needed

    Does anyone have an operative report detailing code 19364 Breast reconstruction with free flap? I'm doing some training and don't have one available.
  3. K

    15600 vs 15620

    Hello, the MD thinks this should be coded as 15600 as the flap came from the trunk. I think it should be coded as 15620 as the flap was for the hand (with modifiers 58 & LT). Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you! PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Status post groin flap, left hand. ...
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    frontal craniectomy -coronall approach- 2 surgeons

    Can anyone help me with CPT codes for this surgery? Ear/Nose and Throat surgeon report Procedure: 1. Coronal approach to anterior skull base 2. Cranialization of frontal sinuses 3. Transcranial exploration of right orbit with tumor removal 4. Pericranial flap with closure of CSF leak 5...
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    CPT code for re evacuation of hematoma from subdural space postoperatively

    Dear All Is there any CPT code available for the craniotomy & re evacuation 0f subdural hematoma done two days after the initial surgery for the same? Physician replaced bone flap also during the second surgery.Can we use the CPT 62143( Replacement of bone flap or prosthetic plate of skull )...
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    Breast Reconstruction with serratus fascia flap

    I have a physician who has been using a serratus fascia flap in lieu of alloderm on certain patients. He wants to bill 19357- for the insertion of the tissue expander and 15734- serratus flap. Now I know that there is a conflict with theses two codes without a modifier. I thought 19357 included...
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    CPT code for "flap thinning"

    We have a patient who had MOHS w\nasolabial transposition flap closure done Sept 2015 and is scheduled next week for a "flap thinning" due to thickening of the scar area. The thickening was previously treated with Kenalog. How would this be coded? I have asked the provider for additional...
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    Pilonidal sinus excision

    The physician excised a pilonidal sinus and also performed a fasciocutaneous flap on the right and left buttocks. Is it proper to code 11772 and 15734? I am not sure from the code description if the fasciocutaneous flap is included or can be coded separately. Thanks for any help
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    Help Coding an advanced flap and lysis of adhesions Breast

    I need help coding an advanced flap on a revision of reconstructed breast and Lysis of pectoralis fascia adhesion's. Dr. doesn't specify size at all for flap so I thought to use 14000 and for the adhesion's there is no Lysis code for this so I thought to use incision code for 11300 since again...