foot and ankle

  1. D

    Closed Treatment Internal Fixation w/ Fibular IM Nailing

    Can someone point me in the right direction with which CPT code to use for this? Patient had a right distal fibula closed reduction and internal fixation with fibular IM nailing. The only thing I can come up with relatively close is 27759 but that is for the tibia. Below is a portion of the OP...
  2. D

    Question triple arthrodesis w/ tibiotalar and fibulotalar fusion vs. Mutiple midtarsal fusion with tibiotalar, and fibulotalar fusion

    I have some questions on how to approach a recent revision that my podiatrist performed. Below is a breakdown of what was performed. Please note that this is a revision procedure and hardware was removed (20680). Ankle fusion -K-wire fixation of the subtalar joint (anterior approach) that...
  3. NLAdams

    Question Help, how do I determine proper wound code?

    I need someone to help point me in the right direction. When selecting a diagnosis code for a foot/leg ulcer, do you base your code on the depth of the ulcer PRIOR to debridement, or after??? If you can post a link to support this I’d be very grateful. I’m having a minor disagreement with how...
  4. A

    Foot and Ankle Orthopedic CPT Coding

    Does anyone know of a good book to help a newbie starting out coding foot and ankle surgeries? I can't seem to find one that specializes in Foot and Ankles. Thanks for your help!! Alicia