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    Wiki Ankle fractures

    I need some assistance with some ankle fracture coding. In my experience I have always been told to code fractures based on diagnosis. So if there is a bimalleolar ankle fracture then you code with a bimalleolar CPT code. If it a trimalleolar ankle fracture then you use a trimalleolar CPT code...
  2. D

    Wiki 28470

    Provider billed 28470 diagnosis: M84.374A After appealing with chart notes, UHC says that the chart notes do not support that the 28470 was preformed. Dispensal of pneumatic cam walker was documented and diagnostics were preformed to accurately diagnose the fracture. The initiation...
  3. D

    Wiki Pilon vs Trimalleolar Fx

    Good morning! I need some help in deciding if this is a Pilon Fx-27828- and ankle dislocation with IF-27848- (per what the doctor is requesting) or if this should be coded as a trimalleolar ORIF. I've gone back and forth with this any help or advice will be appreciate....below is the OP note...
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    Wiki Closed Treatment Internal Fixation w/ Fibular IM Nailing

    Can someone point me in the right direction with which CPT code to use for this? Patient had a right distal fibula closed reduction and internal fixation with fibular IM nailing. The only thing I can come up with relatively close is 27759 but that is for the tibia. Below is a portion of the OP...
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    Wiki triple arthrodesis w/ tibiotalar and fibulotalar fusion vs. Mutiple midtarsal fusion with tibiotalar, and fibulotalar fusion

    I have some questions on how to approach a recent revision that my podiatrist performed. Below is a breakdown of what was performed. Please note that this is a revision procedure and hardware was removed (20680). Ankle fusion -K-wire fixation of the subtalar joint (anterior approach) that...
  6. NLAdams

    Wiki Help, how do I determine proper wound code?

    I need someone to help point me in the right direction. When selecting a diagnosis code for a foot/leg ulcer, do you base your code on the depth of the ulcer PRIOR to debridement, or after??? If you can post a link to support this I’d be very grateful. I’m having a minor disagreement with how...
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    Wiki Foot and Ankle Orthopedic CPT Coding

    Does anyone know of a good book to help a newbie starting out coding foot and ankle surgeries? I can't seem to find one that specializes in Foot and Ankles. Thanks for your help!! Alicia