Wiki Stress reaction ICD

    I can't find a code for "Stress reactions" specifically in the feet. Not a fracture, no trauma. Is there a code only for reaction? TIA
  2. N

    Wiki Foot fusion question

    I need some help wrapping my head around some of these fusion codes. The physician did a medial cuneiform to navicular fusion, then a intercuneiform fusion (medial and intermediate), then a 2nd TMT fusion, then a 3rd TMT fusion. I can see how this should be 28730 for the 2 midtarsal fusions. I...
  3. D

    Wiki 28470

    Provider billed 28470 diagnosis: M84.374A After appealing with chart notes, UHC says that the chart notes do not support that the 28470 was preformed. Dispensal of pneumatic cam walker was documented and diagnostics were preformed to accurately diagnose the fracture. The initiation...
  4. ahalle

    Wiki Bifurcate Ligament Repair CPT?

    My doc is doing a ligament repair on the Bifurcate ligament in the foot. I can't find a ligament repair for the foot just the collateral ligament repair for the ankle. Thinking this would be an unlisted code but what do I use as a comparison code? Looked at 26540 for the hand but not sure. Has...
  5. D

    Wiki triple arthrodesis w/ tibiotalar and fibulotalar fusion vs. Mutiple midtarsal fusion with tibiotalar, and fibulotalar fusion

    I have some questions on how to approach a recent revision that my podiatrist performed. Below is a breakdown of what was performed. Please note that this is a revision procedure and hardware was removed (20680). Ankle fusion -K-wire fixation of the subtalar joint (anterior approach) that...
  6. G

    Wiki Can the elements in the diabetes management exam be used as elements for the exam portion for e&m level?

    Diabetes Management Exam: Foot Exam (with socks and/or shoes not present): Inspection: MSK/Extremities? Left foot: normal Right foot: normal Nails: Left foot: normal Right foot: normal Sensory-Pinprick/Light touch: Neuro? Left...
  7. J

    Wiki Midfoot Amputation

    Is 28800 or 28805 the right code for midfoot amputation? OP note attached
  8. D

    Wiki ICD 10 FOR "Diabetic Foot"

    What would be the ICD 10 code for "Diabetic foot?" That's the specific wording given by the provider. No mention of neuropathy or ulcers or anything like that. Help!
  9. M

    Wiki coding surgery on foot-PLEASE HELP!!!

    I was wondering if anyone could help me code the following surgeries: Operative procedures left foot 1. first metatarsophalangeal fusion 2.Bunionectomy 3.second toe hammertoe procedure with partial exostectomy of the proximal phalanx of the 2nd toe(resection arthroplasty of the 2nd proximal...
  10. J

    Wiki billing for 93922

    Can a RN bill for all ABi testing and Doppler scans for Dm foot care using this code 93922?
  11. J

    Wiki Can a RN Bill 93922

    Can a RN bill for all ABi testing and Doppler scans for Dm foot care using this code 93922?
  12. T

    Wiki coding stage of foot ulcer

    Complaint: Pt presents with chronic right foot ulcer that is painful and non-healing. Exam: Right foot with stage 2-3 non-healing plantar ulcer. Has partial left foot amputation. (No further description provided.) Assessment: 1. Diabetes. 2. Foot ulcer. Cleaned and dressed wound. Referral to...
  13. M

    Wiki sequela or subsequent

    I am really confused thought I had the initial sequela and subsequent down but not so sure now. This patient came into our facility for follow up on foot injury. Provider documented the patients presents today with right foot pain. Seen at a different facility for the initial treatment has a...
  14. B

    Wiki Transmetatarsal amputation of the foot

    Is a transmetatarsal amputation of the foot (not just toe), non-traumatic, 88307 or 88305? Padget does not discuss this distinction for the foot. I recall finding something about it at one time supporting 88307, but for the life of me, I now can't locate the information. Help!
  15. D

    Wiki Foot/Ankle Seminars

    I am looking for any foot & ankle seminars in the Phoenix area (or southern AZ) to attend. Anyone know of any? It should cover coding, anatomy etc Thanks! :cool: