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    Wiki Foreign body removal abdominal

    Patient had RLQ pain, and was suspected to have filshie clips adherent to her right abdominal sidewall. The abbreviated note reads: Each skin incision os proceeded with injection of marcaine. Supraumbilical transverse incision was made with a scalpel. A Veress needle was inserted into the...
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    Wiki Coding for foreign body removal

    The indications for procedure states: "foreign body in the airway noticed at the subglottis on CXR." The doctor did a direct laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy, injection laryngoplasty of laryngeal cleft, bilateral tympanostomy with tubes. For both the DLB and the esophagoscopy...
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    Wiki Code for embedded piercing

    One of my providers recently removed an embedded piece of jewelry; the young lady had had her chest pierced, but one end of the hardware came off and the main piece slipped down into the piercing & healed over. 2 years later she decided this was a problem & came for removal. I am coding a...
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    Wiki Endoscopic nasal foreign body removal

    Hi all, I'm unsure as to what to code for this report: "After informed consent was obtained, the patient was brought to the operating room and placed supine on the operating table. General anesthesia was administered by the anesthesiologist. After a time out was performed and the patient was...
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    Wiki Eye wash procedure code clarification

    patient had chemical exposure to eyes and doctor flushed both eyes by using optrex solution through syringe. Can anyone please help me with the procedure code ?
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    Wiki Ecode help needed

    What Ecode do I use when a patient gets dust in his eye from moving furniture? The patient sustained an abrasion to the cornea S05.02XA. I need an appropriate Ecode to place with this. Thanks Mariann
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    Wiki Foreign body in wrist

    Does anyone know what direction I need to go in as far as coding an exploratory wrist procedure? The hub of the IV had fallen out and the angoicatheter was not attached. The concern was it had broken off in the wrist, after procedure, it was not found in the wrist. Would I use cpt 10121...
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    Wiki Coding Question- Foreign Body Left Finger

    Hello All! I had an op report come through that I'm struggling with whether or not there is enough documentation to bill anything. What are your thoughts? [B]Pre-Op Diagnosis: Foreign body left ring finger Post-Op Diagnosis: Normal Exam Description of Procedure: Patient taken to operative...
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    Wiki Granuloma for a pump patient ICD-10 code

    Hello, What DX code would support a granuloma on a patient with a implanted intrathecal catheter and pump? I see L92.3 is DX for Foreign body granuloma of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Would that support it? What Z code would you use along with it? Any help with this would be great! Have...
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    Wiki foreign body - surgical exploration

    The doctor did a surgical exploration of a painful foreign body which turned out to be an intrathecal pump connector which he removed and and then placed back into the wound. I am looking at 20520 or 20670 but am not sure either is accurate. Thank you for any assistance. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS...
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    Wiki Code 43247 Pushing a food bolus to the stomach

    Hi Guys, I have a question on the code 43247. If the doctor Dilates the esophagus (noted in the report) and pushes a food bolus in the stomach, can you bill both the 43249 (20mm with balloon), AND 43247 he pushed the bolus into the stomach. Is this appropriate to bill both. OR is it JUST the...