1. KStaten

    New Forum Feature Suggestion- AAPC Expert Interaction in Forum

    Hello, Everyone! :) I have been reviewing some of our posts on here and the thought occurred me to that many times, we are struggling to find solutions to our answers. Many questions either go unresolved, receive contradictive answers, or simply fade into the gray area. Now, that doesn't mean...
  2. C

    Pediatric Cardiac Coder

    Good Morning, I always struggle with pediatric cardiac coding. Is there another pediatric cardiac coder on this forum that I can bounce questions off of?
  3. berickson

    Individual Chapter Forums

    We're working through the logistics of offering an individual forum for each chapter. Ideally, a member would log in, and only be able to view (and access), their specific chapter's forum without seeing a clutter of 400+ others.