1. P

    Wiki Should I leave my comfortable but monotonous low pay job for something better? What would you do?

    So, I'm a full time risk adjustment medical coder approaching my two-year work anniversary. This is the first job I've been able to keep this long so it feels weird that I'm happily bowing out and not desperate to quit immediately like previous jobs ive held. It's a relatively easy and...
  2. L

    Wiki Physician Assistant Supervision Requirements - Georgia

    Hello, I seem to be finding some conflicting information regarding PA supervision requirements in the state of GA, both as it pertains to the pandemic and outside the pandemic. Can anyone please explain what the guidelines were/are for Medicare before and during the pandemic? Was/is it direct...
  3. D

    Wiki I've been reading the forums and I have a few questions. -Tampa

    Hello My name is Dylan and I'm new to the medical field. I've been reading on these forums since I singed up for my course at the end of May. I opted to get the whole package since I had no previous experience. I picked up a position in the front office of an urgent care, because it was shown to...
  4. tmallet

    Wiki Assistant surgeon Global?

    If a general surgeon was the assist on a procedure, would he be subject to the global period as well as the primary surgeon?
  5. D

    Wiki discography work comp billing

    Does anyone out there do billing for discography for general work comp? If so what type of reimbursement do you get? We are an ASC, and I have a doctor who says that I am coding wrong, which I have researched until I am blue-in-the-face and have been told that I am coding correctly. We bill...
  6. D

    Wiki cpt 64520 & 64640

    Is it correct to code cpt 64520 or 64640 twice on the same date of service for Medicare pts and for third party payors (mainly workers comp)? I have a doctor who says yes if he injected twice, it needs to be coded and billed twice. I recently went to a company sponsored seminar that said no...