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    Wiki Postpartum care help

    Hello, When a provider provides antepartum care and delivers the baby but does not provide postpartum care, do you bill the antepartum and delivery separately? It seems silly to ask but at the same time it seems silly to bill them separately and not as a global when a postpartum charge is so...
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    Wiki Global OB Transfer of Care

    If a patient has 4 visits with one OB practice, and then transfers to another OB practice for the remainder of her care + delivery/pp care, the delivering practice should split OB care at that point, correct? So Practice A would bill 59425, and Practice B would bill 59425 or 59426 according to...
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    Wiki Charging ED visit and admission/delivery same day

    Hello all, I have a client (large hospital system) that bills for an ED visit when seen by an OB Triage provider when they are admitted the same day for active labor and delivery occurs. Does anyone know if this is kosher? Wouldn't the "ED"/Triage provider's evaluation that the patient is in...
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    Wiki Antepartum Care - Billing Outside the Global

    Can anyone provide clarification on what can be billed outside the global for antepartum care?
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    Wiki Global ob billing for dos spanning from icd to icd 10

    I have private payers (specifically BCBS) denying my global OB billing when the start DOS is during ICD 9 and the delivery date is after ICD 10. First they denied saying that I should use and ICD 9 code (they're using the start date (FEB 2015) as the DOS, which, in my opinion, is incorrect...