1. L

    Question Screening Code Question

    Per the CPT code Guidelines for Screening, if the patient is presenting to the office for vaginal discharge and odor, and an STD Screening is done, what is your understanding of the coding practice? My understanding of the guideline is: Code the Discharge and Odor (Symptoms) NOT the Z11.3...
  2. buskeys

    Question Modifier FP

    What situations can you use mod FP in? Guidelines? I am having a hard time finding a straight forward answer.
  3. B

    Premarin Cream Billing Reimbursement?

    Hello We have a doctor we are looking to do procedures at an ASC and is going to use Premarin vaginal cream during some surgical procedures. Is there a code to bill for the Premarin cream, possibly a J code? The ASC is trying to determine how they will get reimbursed for the cost of the cream...
  4. Y

    Modifier 22 for pt with disability

    Would it be correct to use the mod 22 for a GYN visit for a deaf pt? We arrange and reimburse the interpreter for their services to our pt. So my question is, would it reasonable to add mod 22 along with the deaf codes to her E&M visit to our GYN physician?
  5. S

    Gyn Wellness exams

    If anyone could clear up an issue with the coding a GYN Annual exam, Z01.419/11 and a general annual exam, Z00.00 at the same time. In GYN/OB would one ever code both. Or are you suppose to code both or not. So confused on this. Is there written guidelines anywhere for proof on this issue? Jeanne
  6. E

    Annual GYN Exam no pap

    If a patient comes in for annual gyn exam not including a pap(just a breast and pelvic exam). Should the preventative medicine code be used? If not what cpt code do we bill? I am thinking the preventative as it is just preventative. The provider is saying no and is concerned that the patients...
  7. A


    Need ICD10 code for 793.99 used in past - for GYN exam of special needs pt - that can't tolerate pelvic exam - Need ICD10 code for basic GYN U/S.