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    Wiki Coding Listed comorbid conditions in HPI

    The documentation in the HPI states: Chronic pain: The patient is being seen for the follow-up of chronic back pain. The patient reports no change in the condition. Comorbid Illnesses: depression and anxiety. Does the fact that the documentation indicates the depression is a "comorbid...
  2. C

    coding chronic condition icd10 from problem list

    Scenario: Patient comes in for a visit with his FP doc to discuss his chronic cough. The MD just notes the discussion of the cough but the patient has diabetes, HTN, etc in his problem list and he refills his HTN meds and DM meds that day both of which are documented in his note for that day...
  3. A

    Linking ICD10 codes to HCC values

    Does anyone have a good resource for linking ICD10 codes to their HCC values?
  4. J

    Atherosclerosis and Angina

    I was researching the code for atherosclerosis with angina. Per the ICD-10 manual appears the correct diagnosis code would be I25.9 Chronic Ischemic heart disease, Unspecified which is not associated with an HCC. Is that correct?
  5. A

    HCC Productivity Standards

    My primary care group is in the process of creating their own ACO and building a dedicated risk adjustment department from the ground up. The administration is looking for input on productivity standards for HCC coders but I'm having difficulty finding specific data for this niche of coding...
  6. E

    HCC coding for dementia (2017 outpatient dx guidelines)

    I have a question about how dementia should be coded in this scenario. (This is for HCC coding.) Here is how the dx reads: 1. Dementia, suspect either Alzheimer's or microvascular changes. 2. Early Parkinson's, but still able to adequately perform ADLs. The answer I was given was G31.83...
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    CHDS, CPC-A, COC-A, CRC - Seeking Remote HCC Coding Position

    I would love to join your team of remote HCC coders and am confident I will do an outstanding job. Thank you for your consideration. PAMELA S. HEBERT, CHDS, CPC-A, COC-A, CRC www.linkedin.com/in/pamela-s-hebert SUMMARY Responsible and dedicated professional with 14 years as a remote...
  8. A

    Experienced HCC coder looking for remote position

    Please see my resume for experience. Thank you!:)
  9. D

    CPC Looking for Remote Medical Coding Position (HCC/CRG experience)

    Hello. I am a Certified Professional Coder looking for a remote position. I am willing to accept seasonal, temporary, full-time or a part-time position and will work any shift. I am ICD-10 proficient, had two years of formal coding schooling prior to certification and have experience with risk...
  10. J

    Chronic 8?

    Hello, I am an hcc coding auditor and for the most part if a diagnosis does not have meat or tamper we do not code it. Some clients refer to a "Chronic 8" conditions list which are considered to be conditions that never go away that do not require meat in order to capture as current. these...
  11. J

    HCC codes- Morbid obesity

    Our physicians do their own coding in our facility and they don't like to use secondary codes. Both the codes for Morbid Obesity and BMI codes above 40 map to an HCC. If the physician properly documents and codes morbid obesity, do they have to also code BMI? If they do not have to code for BMI...
  12. E

    Anyone looking in the greater Seattle area?

    We have two openinggs at Humana in our Federal Way office for a Medicare Risk Adjustment Provider Educator. This is a great opportunity for a CPC that would like to expand into the world of HCC coding and Risk Adjustment. MRA Provider Educator- Federal Way, WA-157514 Hiring Manager: Harry...
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    Experienced HCC coders/auditors needed work onsite and remote weekly - Tampa FL area

    Peak Risk Adjustment Solutions has positions available for partially remote experienced HCC coders and auditors in the Tampa, FL area. We have multiple positions open for immediate hire. These are full time 40 hour per week positions and will require the coder to be onsite in our office at...
  14. D

    Experienced CPC, CRC (HCC) Seeking Employment in Nashville, TN Area Or Remote

    I have experience with HCC/Risk Adjustment coding and some E/M outpatient coding experience. I'm proficient in ICD-9 and ICD-10 for prospective and retrospective coding. I also have HEDIS extraction experience. I'm seeking a full time position in the Nashville, TN area or a remote position. If...
  15. B

    Remote 1099 HCC (Diagnosis Coding) with Training & Laptop Provided

    I am happy to announce that ionHealthcare, a nationally renowned risk adjustment coding company is currently hiring 1099 coders for work from home risk adjustment coding work. ionHealthcare carries a reputation of being one of the best risk adjustment vendors across the country. ionHealthcare...
  16. L

    HCC Coder Position - Remote

    JOB Type: HCC Coder ? Remote Facility: Tactical Management Inc. Tactical Management centrally located in Winter Park, FL. We strive to provide services to Medicare Advantage plans, Hospital networks and Physician practices. We drive better health outcomes, quality improvement and accuracy in...
  17. C

    HCC auditing tools

    Good Afternoon Coding World, Do anyone have any information they can share regarding audit tools for HCC coding practices. I currently work for a large provider company that see Medicare Advantage patients. Any information will be helpful this is my first week working for the company. Thanks...
  18. S

    Coding for Risk Adjustment (HCCs)

    When pulling diagnosis information for risk adjustment from outpatient/physician notes, there is some confusion whether or not to code diagnoses that are listed in PMH. CMS guidance is vague, at best. Arguments include: - Code everything listed in the PMH because if the doctor put it in PMH the...
  19. Jacoder

    HCC Coding - search engine

    Does anyone know where I can find some information on HCC coding? I tried looking in the search engine but I'm not finding what I want. Anything would be helpful! Thanks
  20. S

    Risk Adjustment Management

    I was wondering if someone who has or is currently working for RAM tell me about how it is to work there. Is the work constant? Is the travel local or national? Thanks