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  1. sempson

    Wiki HCPCS Code for massage device

    We are billing the VA for a back massager and they informed us we need a HCPCS code. I can not find a code for any back massager. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. P

    Wiki HCPCS code L8628 for cochlear implant

    Has Anyone in an ASC billed Medicare for HCPCS code L8628 (Cochlear implant, external controller component, replacement) and received payment for it? Having trouble confirming that Medicare will cover it. Thanks for any help!
  3. J

    Wiki Coding/Billing for implants HCPCS

    Recently took over billing for implants for ASC Ortho. They were submitting all implants under L8699 and a lot are getting denied. Should they be submitted with more specific C codes per each supply instead of the L8699? Ex: Guidewire is C1769
  4. V

    Wiki G8990 - alternative code?

    Good afternoon everyone, Our office has been using HCPCS code G8990 for our grip strength tests and cannot seem to find a similar code in either the HCPCS or CPT book since the code was deleted on January 1, 2020. Does anyone have a suggestion? I would rather not use an unlisted procedure...
  5. O

    Wiki Correcting Codes

    I work in a practice where the providers do all of the coding before its signed off on, occasionally they look over small errors such as duplicate codes or incorrect codes. Do the providers have to make the addendum to correct those errors or am I as an office manager able to make that addendum...
  6. J

    Wiki Group- Substance/Alcohol Abuse

    I am in Arizona and bill for a counselors office. I am wondering which code to use for a group therapy that is for substance and/or alcohol abuse. It is an intensive outpatient therapy but not all of the patients attending the group sessions meet the HCPCS requirement for the group (H0015; which...