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    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best way to capture middle-of-the-night work being done by the Neurosurgeon. He is being called for chart reviews, etc late at night by the Emergency room doctors and he is giving recommendations. He does see the patient for a face to face consult the next...
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    Wiki I need coding help for a surgical procedure

    Hello, I don't generally code inpatient. I have a complaint that a surgical procedure for an overnight patient in the hospital for surgery (surgeon) was coded incorrectly. What would be considered accurate for 31256 CPT with ICD10 H53.9 ? Can you please tell me how this would be coded for...
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    Wiki Hospital billing help needed

    Newbie to hospital billing and I have 2 questions from a PCP office: 1. Patient had OP surgery but ended up spending the night (never admitted)....PCP saw her twice in the recovery area (he wasn't the admitting nor surgical doc).....can he bill a 99213 w POS 22 ? Or is another code more...
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    Wiki Hospital Billing Confusion..please help?

    My doctors at my clinic take turns doing rounds at our local hospital. These are the scenarios that I am confused about if anyone can help answer I really need to pick someone's brain. 1) pt arrives in ER and our doctor ends up seeing them that day and decides to admit(date 6/18). the hospital...
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    Wiki cpc with outpatient, hospital and facility experience

    Nichole Morris, CPC Medical Billing & Coding Accomplished professional with solid background in health care clinical operations, including medical billing and coding standards, financial policies, and medical record documentation. Expertise in insurance...
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    Wiki Bone Marrow Aspiration/Marrow Coding HELP!

    Can anyone give me some insight on reporting 38220, 38221 for Hospital Outpatient coding and reporting guidelines? This is a big discussion within our department. some feel that 38221 is the only code that should be reported for aspiration/biopsy. Others feel that if they do aspiration and...