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    FISH codes 88368/88369

    i need assistance with CPT code 88368 how many units are used for dual probes kits i.e for gliomas probe panel LSI 136/1q25 and LSi 19q13/19p13 . thanks Lisha
  2. A

    Tetanus Codes

    Which code(s) should be used to report Tetanus when an injury is involved, i.e., stepping on a rusty nail?
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    MRI Brachial Plexus

    Does anyone do MRI Brachial Plexus? I am looking for guidance in CPT coding an MRI Brachial Plexus. It seams in my research that it is coded many different ways. (i.e. shoulder, chest, clavicle) What is correct? Thanks
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    Preventative vs established

    Scenario established visit- documented as a CPX. Several established chronic problems listed-- ALL stable. NO chief complaint, but each chronic problem addressed (some documented as followed by another physician). No HPI-- as the problems are mostly current but chronic in terms of years. Good...