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    Wiki need help coding

    CLINICAL INDICATIONS Retrograde right sided aortoiliac dissection. CLINICAL HISTORY...
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    Wiki coding

    we billed these codes for angiography and the 36247 was denied by BCBS stating Experimental/Investigational. Corporate Medical policy 6.01.15 intravascular brachytherapy. We just did an angiography. Are there code changes? Any help will be appreciated INDICATION: Intermittent claudication, left...
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    Wiki Cluneal Neve Block of Iliac Crest Cpt

    Does anyone know what Cpt code would be used for a Cluneal nerve block of the iliac crest?...I am thinking 64450 but not sure...I would really appreciate any input...thank you Liz
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    Wiki exostectomy of iliac crest

    Can anyone tell me which to use for exostectomy of iliac crest enthesopathy? I was thinking either 27070 or 27065?? Cathie
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    Wiki Please help code robotic-assisted left distal ureterectomy and ureteral re-implant

    The patient was placed in steep Trendelenburg and the robot docked. The sigmoid colon was then mobilized medially. The ureter was identified and traced caudad. Tissue planes around the ureter seen reasonably well defined considering that she had a previous balloon dilatation of the ureter with...
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    Wiki Confused Units for 35476 for lower extremity (VENOUS)

    Hi.. I have a case where venous balloon angioplasty was performed on Rt.Common iliac vein, Rt.External Iliac vein and Rt. Common femoral vein. Please advice if this has to coded as 3 units or should be coded as per the iliac, Femoro-popliteal, and Tibio-Peroneal territory guidelines. Thanks...
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    Wiki Stenosis

    Stuck On This One. Common Iliac Artery, Stenosis?