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    Wiki Settle a debate for me...

    The guideline for Z51.11- Encounter for antineoplastic chemotherapy and Z51.12- Encounter for antineoplastic immunotherapy is being argued as to what way it should be applied. One side is saying that these codes should be applied to claims for patients who are being treated for a cancer with a...
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    Wiki Units for AIT and VIT Mixing

    Hello, I understand that Medicare can only be billed a maximum of 10 units per day for 95165 and 95144-95149. Is this true for all other payers as well? We typically prepare the antigens for a new AIT vial with 30 anticipated doses, a new VIT vial with 17 anticipated doses, a remixed AIT vial...
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    Wiki VIT Mixing on Same Day As E&M

    Hi everyone, We have a patient that we saw in telehealth this morning (99213) and the physician has asked us to mix the patient's venom immunotherapy vials today. It would be 95145 x 17 units. Can we bill both the E&M 99213 and 95145x17 on the same day? If so, what modifier needs to be used...
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    Wiki Allergy testing and Mixing of serums same day

    Can you bill for Allergy testing and the mixing of serums if preformed on the same day? Thank you.