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    Non-medicare initial inpatient admissions

    Good morning, Generally speaking (and per Medicare), the reporting date for the admission service (99221-99223) is the date the visit actually occurs. I work in a pediatric hospital so we see a lot of commercial patient and hardly any Medicare patients. We do see a lot of Medicaid patients...
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    Billing initial inpatient admissions from same specialty

    Can you bill an initial inpatient admission code when an attending provider from the same specialty of the admitting provider sees the patient? (Does this vary per insurance carrier?) Example: Dr. John from urology admits the patient (via order) at 1pm after the resident sees the patient. Dr...
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    7th character- intial vs subsequent

    General question- I work for an orthopedic practice and pts come to us with acute injuries, however these injuries are most always treated in the emergency room first- labeling that visit the initial encounter. When they seek treatment with us for the first time is that still considered initial...
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    Fracture - regarding this code

    Hello, I am a new biller and have a question regarding this code: 28510. I have a case where we billed this code along with 99203 for the initial office visit. The office visit is getting denied due to the fracture code. I did not think this should be an issue since it is the initial office...
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    initial or subsequent - injections for the patient

    ok I think I am reading too much into this. I have a patient who comes into the office for MRI results and the doctor is going to order HA injections for the patient. This would still be the (A) for initial because the doctor is still actively treating the patient, right??
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    Psychiatry initial in office consultation

    I am new to Psychiatry billing, I have a seasoned Psychiatrist who keeps telling me he has only been billing 90792 for his initial 90min in office consultation. I do not think that is right and am wondering why I am not also billing a 99205. I am guessing at his previous practice his coders were...
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    person who has a fracture was diagnosed with S32.2XXA and fell at home. This was the only code reported. She was seen in the ER and then came to see her physician. How would this be coded? Would this be initial encounter or subsequent? Could this be a primary code along with the place of injury?
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    Med Management vs. Psychotherapy

    If a psychiatrist sees a patient and provides psychothery and then refers the patient to our Psychologist for medication. Can the psychologist bill for the initial interview 90801?