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    How much does inpatient medical coder normally make?

    Can someone help me with how much does inpatient medical coder normally make? I understand that the salaries increase as you get more experience, also your highest degree matters. Can you provide the average or median for this?
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    COC vs. CIC Certification

    COC vs. CIC Hi, I currently have my CPC certification and am thinking of working towards either a COC or CIC certification. Can anyone give me any input as to which is the better to pursue? Is one easier to find employment than the other? I would like to work remotely eventually. Thanks!
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    Inpatient Hospital Coder

    Is it possible to get an inpatient coding position with a CPC credential only? Would my chances be that much better with a CIC certification? I also have several years of physician coding experience.
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    CIC exam re-take

    I failed my first attempt at the CIC certification. I'm so overwhelmed and maybe feel I'm just not meant to do inpatient coding. Any advice, reference material, study recomendations? Any other info that could possibly help is appreciated. TIps, hints, suggestions......... Thank you
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    CIC Exam Prep help!! :)

    So I am taking my CIC certification exam Wednesday and am so worried about passing. Anyone take this exam and pass fairly easliy. Any helpful hints, tips, etc..... I need as much help as possible I'm sure!! All advice is appreciated. Thank you