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    Wiki Instrumentation with spinal fusion

    Procedure: Anterior cervical discectomy & Fusion C5 Anterior discectomy for decompression w/fusion C6-7 Placement of biomechanical interbody device C5-6 Placement of biomechanical interbody device C6-7 Anterior Cervical instrumentation...
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    Wiki Iud removal and re-insertion

    I just want to verify that when billing for a removal and re-insertion of an IUD that you do not bill the removal code....Our practictioners literally just pull it out by the strings (typically no complications). This was ACOG's question of the month. Our office was/has been billing the removal...
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    Wiki Pacemaker and AV Node ablation same DOS

    Would you use complete AV block for PM insertion (CPT 33207) on a patient who didn't have the block until after the pacer insertion? Pre-insertion diagnosis is: CHF, Afib and Unable to control Ventricular Rate. We are getting a denial for Medical Necessity and the nurse wants to use Complete...
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    Wiki How would you code this?- after tourniquet

    A posterolateral incision was made after tourniquet was elevated. The tendon was exposed laterally and the large Haglund's deformity was exposed. It was noted that the chronic tendonitis at the insertion had caused attenuation of the attachment of the tendon and there were great thinning of...
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    Wiki Nexplanon-What is the correct

    What is the correct CPT code for insertion of Nexplanon?
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    Wiki 69424

    Can 69424 (ventilating tube removal) be billed with 69436 Tympanostomy (insertion of vent tubes)?
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    Wiki Posterior Tibial Tendon Tubularization

    Need Help with CPT code for this procedure: Debridement and tubulariztion of posterior tibial tendon of ankle Procedure Note: The patient was brought into operative theater and placed in supine position. She was given general anesthesia and ancef intravenously. Left ankle was prepped and drped...